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Mastering SAP Fiori: Creating Intuitive User Interfaces

Mastering SAP Fiori

The efficiency of enterprise applications is largely dependent on the User Experience (UX). SAP interfaces used to be typically complex and challenging, making users frustrated and leading to non-adoption. SAP Fiori, which incorporates human interface design (HID) features, has changed the way businesses communicate with their SAP systems by putting simplicity, consistency, and intuitiveness first.
This article dives into the realm of SAP Fiori where you will get to know the core principles and the best practices of crafting understandable user experiences within your company. You can enable your workforce to optimize processes and fully leverage your SAP investment by mastering SAP Fiori.

What Is SAP Fiori?

SAP Fiori stands for intuitive design and user-centricity. It embodies the latest design standards and delivers a first-class consumer experience on all mobile devices allowing users to perform tasks comfortably and quickly. Whether it is real-time data access, purchase order approval, or key performance indicators analysis, SAP Fiori puts the power in the user’s hands to accomplish their tasks without whim.

Fiori applications are based on the following core principles –

  • Role-based Design: Fiori applications are designed for users to have their own tailored launchpad with access to those functions that concern their particular job position. It minimizes clutter and enhances the user experience.
  • Responsive Design: Fiori apps automatically do the job of fitting into either desktop computer, tablet, or smartphone devices. It guarantees that the relevant information as well as the tasks are consistently accessible, regardless of the location.
  • Simple and Clear Interface: Fiori applications employ a minimal and user-friendly interface through the use of clear icons, consistent language, and uncomplicated navigation. This simplifies the learning curve and enables one to easily grasp the application functionalities.
  • Focus on Actionability: Fiori apps focus on users’ actions. The most common tasks are usually easily accessible, which lets users perform them quickly. Moreover, intelligent copilot capabilities provide contextual suggestions and automatic actions that improve the workflow.

Crafting with Fiori

Now that we have explored the core principles of SAP Fiori, let’s delve into best practices for designing intuitive user experiences within your organization.

  • User-Centric Research: Start with what the user needs and try to define the main points that the new product revision should address. Carry out interviews, workshops, and surveys to ensure you have the best data.
  • Task-Centric Design: Give foremost priority to user interfaces which increases the speed of processes and facilitates the users to complete tasks more promptly.
  • Fiori Design Guidelines: Utilize SAP’s Fiori design recommendations to ensure consistency and user familiarity to make the products easily accessible to end users.
  • Co-Pilot Assistance: SAP CoPilot is an embedded intelligence assistant in the Fiori to help you with contextual suggestions, task automation, and guided processes.
  • Consistent UI Elements: Use Fiori’s design elements including tiles, cards, and responsive layouts to design intuitive interfaces.
  • Performance Optimization: Among all other important things, device speed and response time should be among the top priorities to make sure users won’t get frustrated.
  • Accessibility Matters: Make sure Fiori applications are understandable, usable, and robust in compliance with WCAG guidelines so that it can be equally accessible to users who have disabilities as well.

Ensetu: Together we create Fiori success stories

At Ensetu, we are experienced SAP professionals who are familiar with all SAP Fiori principles. We can support you in conceptualizing, building, and integrating custom, user-friendly Fiori apps that allow your employees to achieve their full potential and make the best use of your investment in the SAP system. Our team of consultants merges technical expertise and a user-centric approach to design, making your Fiori applications not only functional but also very effective. Partner with Ensetu and take advantage of our superpowers to upgrade your SAP systems with Fiori.


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